2024 NCHSA Schedule - Sponsored by Palmer Motorsports in Denver, NC

Online Membership and Online Signup are open. 

There will be 14 rounds for the 2024 season. We will count your best 11 rounds for year-end awards. Any rider with 10 rounds will qualify for year-end awards. 

Pee-Wee riders are not scored but need to race at least 5 rounds and be a NCHSA member to qualify for year-end awards. 

If you have are aware of any potential race locations please contact John at 704-437-2720. Most locations need a minimum of 150 acres with at least 20 acres of reasonably flat parking to be considered for a race. 

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Track Info

Denver - 6254 Wingate Hill Rd, Denver, NC

Flat Rock - 856 Russell Gap Rd, Taylorsville, NC

Lost Valley - 8092 Hoyle Farm Rd, Connelly Springs, NC

Brushy Mtn - 2491 Lambert Fork Rd, Taylorsville, NC

McCurdy Farms - 6572 Sulpher Springs rd, Hiddenite, NC

The Buffalo - 2630 Cleveland Ave, Grover, NC

The Training Grounds - 5707 Rich Rd, Morganton, NC

Old Farm - 855 Old Farm Rd, Taylorsville, NC (previous location)

Brown Jug - 1789 Neal Shoals Rd, Union, SC (previous location)

Hawk's Creek - 1838 Boyd Rd, Blackstock, SC (previous location)

Shane's Farm - 1010 Mudbridge Rd, Buffalo, SC (previous location)

The Barnyard Brawl - 441 Jack Booe Rd, Mocksville, NC (previous location)