Denver 2/18 has been postponed due to the never-ending rain.

The weather has been relentless. Current track conditions are not good. More rain forecast for Friday and Saturday. The track would not be rideable on Sunday. This Denver race will be rescheduled for some time in August. We will have 16 rounds in 2018.

If you are looking for somewhere to race this weekend 2/18, has a harescramble in Nesmith, SC at Battery Park. It's about 2 hours south of Charlotte. Conditions there look good with a fair amount of sand.  

2018 Rd 1 is March 11th - Blacksburg, SC

This is a brand new track for 2018. Never been raced. This should be a great location for us with over 7 miles of trail. Go ahead and get your 2018 number reserved by email per below. This will greatly speed up the process at rd 1.

We will have 16 rounds in 2018. Count the best 12 rounds for year-end awards. You must be a NCHSA member for year-end awards.

2018 NCHSA Membership Numbers

Number assignments for the 2018 NCHSA members is currently open. Go ahead and get your number reserved if you are planning to join NCHSA in 2018. This will speed up the signup process a ton!

Step 1: Review the list of    available 2018 numbers 

Step 2: Send an email with your name, class and requested number to

Step 3: Check back in a couple days to make sure your number has been finalized on the member list.

Step 4: Print the member from and race day form, fill them out and bring to your first race.

Step 5: Submit the form at signup on Saturday or Sunday and pay for membership.  




Track info on the Schedule page.

Class details on the Class Info page.


Race Info

There are times when we postpone a race due to inclement weather. Every effort is made to run the race on the scheduled date but if there is heavy rain on Friday, Saturday or Sunday of race weekend please check. We will notify all no later than 2p on Saturday. Typically we notify folks by 10a on Saturday.

RACE INFO HOTLINE  704-437-2720